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Welcome to Pack 281! Our pack is located in Dallas, PA in the heart of the Back Mountain community. If your son is considering joining scouts you have come to the right place! We are a very active Cub Scout pack that thrives on community involvement and family values. We would like to welcome you to visit any of our functions to see for yourself how rewarding scouting can be. There are lots of fun activities waiting for you!

Hooked on Scouting 9/14 6:30PM-8:00PM

Posted on Sep 12 2017 - 9:26pm

Hi everyone! Pack 281 will be signing up new scouts at Wycallis Elementary School and welcome them into our very active Cub Scout Pack, All new scouts will receive a free fishing pole and tackle pack. Also they will receive free admission to Harvest Fest at Camp Acahela. We will be in the lobby of the school. Any scout that brings a friend that joins our pack will receive the recruiter patch. All scouts of Pack 281 are encouraged (not required) to wear their class A uniform's on Thursday to show support for the Pack and help get your friends into scouting. Thank you! Cubmaster Nick

If there is a beginning there must be an end ...

Posted on Apr 19 2017 - 8:40pm

Hi everyone! We are winding down the Scouting year but there is so much to do this summer! The final Pack Meeting is this Friday at Camp Orchard Hill at 7pm. Please be on time and Scouts in Class A uniforms as we will start with a Pack photo and there is a lot to do at this Meeting. Also remember that money for Camp will be due as well as Scout Night with the Railriders. I would even suggest getting there early if you plan to sign up for any of those events as everyone is usually ready to head home after the Meeting is done. Also a reminder to sign up for the Painting Fundraiser with Bountiful Gifts that will be held June 3rd. If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or your Den Leader before the Meeting so you will be ready. This is my last weekly eblast as my time serving as Cubmaster draws to a close. I hope you have found them informative and at times entertaining. I want to Thank everyone for all of the help, Scouting doesn't work if we don't all participate. I will see everyone Friday!  -    Cubmaster Josh

Starting to Feel Like Summer

Posted on Apr 12 2017 - 8:28pm

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the warmer temperatures this week. It has me thinking about all the Spring and Summer events we have coming up! Monday April 17th is the Irem Shriners Circus at the Kingston Armory on Market Street in Kingston. The doors open at 6pm but we need to go in all together as a group so I do ask that everyone please be prompt in your arrival. We will meet at the front of the Armory and they will get us inside once everyone is there. If you are running late please text me or call me at #570-332-0215 so we know to wait for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Also we have our final Pack Meeting next Friday! It's here all ready but remember that there are several things due that night. We will be collecting money and signups for Camp (whether it be day camp, adventure camp, resident camp or parent and pal); the Railriders money will be due as well. If you are planning to go to Knoebel's for Scout Day please go to their website and purchase tickets. There will also be a painting fundraiser at Bountiful Gifts on June 3rd that you can signup for on their website (tell friends!). The April 21st Pack Meeting will be a big meeting as there will be a lot of things going on and some really important ceremonies as our Arrow of Light will be bridging so it will help if everyone arrives on time and is ready for the meeting to begin. We will work to keep things moving but this is a longer meeting. We will be taking a Pack photo at the very beginning of the meeting so please remember your class A uniforms and have them looking good. Also reminder that the Pack Meeting will be at Camp Orchard Hill. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact your Den Leader or myself.   -    Cubmaster Josh

But wait... there's more!

Posted on Apr 4 2017 - 12:20am

Hi everyone! The Scouting year may be drawing to a close but there is more to do this summer. At the next Pack Meeting, April 21st at Camp Orchard Hill, money will be due for Summer Camp and for the Scout Night with the Railriders. Don't miss out on these summer events! Summer Camp is a great opportunity to earn badges and have a great time. This summer the theme is Wild West and you are going to want to be there for it! For those that are going to the Circus on April 17th at the Kingston Armory by Kirby Park we will meet at the front of the building at 6pm. Doors open at 6pm and we all have to go in together so please arrive on time. If you are running late or need to contact me my cell phone number is 570-332-0215. If you haven't seen yet their is a fundraiser happening 6:30pm June 3rd at Bountiful Gifts in Dallas. It is a Painting Event and you can sign up at the Bountiful Gifts website or contact Michelle Specht. Let your friends know as well,  this is a great way to help support Pack 281 and have a great time. We have a lot of great events planned for the Summer so keep an eye out for more information coming your way. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.   -   Cubmaster Josh

and it's Spring!

Posted on Mar 23 2017 - 6:42am

Hi everyone! We are past the Blizzard of '17 ! Pack Meeting tomorrow night at 7pm in the Dallas Middle School Auditorium. Reminder that Irem Circus money will be due at the Pack Meeting and if you wish to purchase Pack 281 gear that will be due as well. There will be a lot of announcements for upcoming activities at the Pack Meeting so make sure you grab an announcements sheet tomorrow night. The Scout year is coming toward an end as we look toward Summer! I'll see you all at the Pack Meeting! -     Cubmaster Josh

March Pack Meeting

Posted on Mar 17 2017 - 12:36pm

Hi everyone! The March Pack Meeting has been rescheduled to next Friday, March 24th at 7pm in the Middle School auditorium. If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or your Den Leader.    -   Cubmaster Josh

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