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Welcome to Pack 281! Our pack is located in Dallas, PA in the heart of the Back Mountain community. If your son is considering joining scouts you have come to the right place! We are a very active Cub Scout pack that thrives on community involvement and family values. We would like to welcome you to visit any of our functions to see for yourself how rewarding scouting can be. There are lots of fun activities waiting for you!

Post Blue and Gold Blues

Posted on Feb 16 2017 - 7:10am

Hi everyone! Are you feeling the post Blue and Gold blues? Well don't worry we still have more events left this Scouting year. Coming up March 4th-5th is the DaVinci Center camp-in. Remember that the money and sign-ups are due this Monday February 20th. It is $45 for Scouts and $35 for adults attending. Contact Mrs. Emma Healey or myself to turn in your money. Also we have the Irem Circus coming up April 17th at the Kingston Armory. It is free for Scouts and siblings and only $4 for adults. Money and sign-ups for that event are due at the March Committee Meeting 6th. You can contact your Den Leader or myself to sign up for the circus. Very soon we will be turning our attention to summer! Keep watching for information on camping and the annual RailRiders outing. Enjoy the last of Winter as we are racing towards Spring and Summer activities!  -   Cubmaster Josh

Blue and Gold Time!

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 7:21am

Hi everyone! In all the excitement of the snow and school closings I forgot to write a post for the eblast! Remember that we have Blue and Gold this Sunday. You can come and decorate your Den's tables at 3pm and we will have the dinner at 5pm. After decorating you can go back home and get dressed for the dinner. Also a reminder that if you are planning to go to the Scout Night with the Penguins the money is due at the Blue and Gold. Also if you owe any dues or buyout money that is due at the Blue and Gold as well. As you all enjoy the snowstorm we'll look into a "shovel the driveway" patch for Scouts :) Stay safe and we'll see you all at the Blue and Gold Dinner.  -   Cubmaster Josh

Happy Groundhog Day!

Posted on Feb 1 2017 - 8:38pm

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying Groundhog's Day! I predict you will enjoy these upcoming events like the Blue and Gold Dinner on February 12th at 5 pm at the Dallas Middle School Cafeteria.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 9:49pm

Hi everyone! We are heading towards our Blue and Gold Dinner and I can't wait to see all the amazing decorations for all these movies we will be representing! Before we get to the Blue and Gold Dinner there are a few things I want to bring to everyone's attention. First we have two Bears that are earning the Parvuli Dei award on February 5th at the Gate of Heaven Church in Dallas. That day is also Scout Sunday at Gate of Heaven and all Scouts are welcome to attend and show support for our two Bears. Class A uniforms are required for Scouts attending this event. Mass starts at 9am. Also the Dallas United Methodist Church has their Scout Sunday on February 19th. They are the sponsor for Pack 281 and graciously allow us to use their Church for our Den Meetings. We hope that everyone will be able to attend and show appreciation for their continued support. Class A uniforms are also required for Scouts in attendance. If you are able to attend please let me know so I can give the Troop an accurate count. They are getting refreshments for after the service and it will help them plan appropriately. Also a reminder that anyone interested in Scout Night with the Penguins, money is due by Blue and Gold Dinner at the latest. Finally Mrs. Healey has organized a fun outing at the DaVinci Center in Allentown. This is an overnight outing where the Scouts can campout in the DaVinci Center and experience a lot of great exhibits. You will be able to bring your own food as well as the option to order Domino's in the evening. It is $35 for adults and $45 for Scouts and siblings 4 years old or older. If you are a member of the DaVinci Center it is $5 cheaper. If you have any questions regarding this event Mrs Healey would be more than happy to answer them and the Bear Den is looking forward to sharing this outing with the rest of the Pack. There are a lot of things still happening for Pack 281 this Scouting year as we approach the summer! As always if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact me and I'll help you the best that I can.  -     Cubmaster Josh

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Posted on Jan 19 2017 - 7:37am

Hi everyone, tomorrow is race day! Remember that the meeting will be in the HIGH SCHOOL Friday at 7 pm. I do recommend that you get there 10-15 minutes early so you can get your car registered and inspected. The race will begin at 7pm and anyone not checked in before then will not be able to race. Also there are some other Pack 281 events coming up. Saturday March 11th is the Scout Night with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. There are 3 different zones for prices: Blue Zone is $17, Gold Zone is $20 and Red Zone is $22. This includes a ticket, penguins hat and a patch for Scouts and leaders. If you want to pay an extra $2.25 you can get a voucher good for a hot dog, chips and drink. The due date for ticket orders and money paid is the Blue and Gold Dinner Feb 12th. Tickets are a first come first serve and if you want to sit together as a Den or as a group you can turn in your order earlier and I will get it turned in so everyone can be grouped together. The closer it gets to the game the less the chance that ticket orders will be near each other. Also I have recieved information about the Irem Shrine Circus. Pack 281 will be going to the Monday April 17th 7pm show. That is Easter Monday. It is free for Scouts and their siblings and only $4 for adults. The event takes place at the Kingston Armory on Market Street next to Kirby Park. It is a lot of fun and the seats are always close to the action, concessions are very reasonable priced as are a wide assortment of souveniers and toys. Before the show starts you can purchase rides on elephants, camels or horses usually. Everyone that went last year had a great time and if you have not attended before I encourage you to check it out! Orders for tickets will be due at the March Pack Meeting. If you have any questions about these events or anything else feel free to contact me or your Den Leader. See you all at the Dallas High School tomorrow night!   -     Cubmaster Josh


Posted on Jan 12 2017 - 10:45am

I resent this eblast as the last one had the wrong location for our Pack Meeting. Reminder that January Pack Meeting (Pinewood Derby) will be at the Dallas High School. Good luck!    -     Cubmaster Josh

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