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Welcome to Pack 281! Our pack is located in Dallas, PA in the heart of the Back Mountain community. If your son is considering joining scouts you have come to the right place! We are a very active Cub Scout pack that thrives on community involvement and family values. We would like to welcome you to visit any of our functions to see for yourself how rewarding scouting can be. There are lots of fun activities waiting for you!

and it's Spring!

Posted on Mar 23 2017 - 6:42am

Hi everyone! We are past the Blizzard of '17 ! Pack Meeting tomorrow night at 7pm in the Dallas Middle School Auditorium. Reminder that Irem Circus money will be due at the Pack Meeting and if you wish to purchase Pack 281 gear that will be due as well. There will be a lot of announcements for upcoming activities at the Pack Meeting so make sure you grab an announcements sheet tomorrow night. The Scout year is coming toward an end as we look toward Summer! I'll see you all at the Pack Meeting! -     Cubmaster Josh

March Pack Meeting

Posted on Mar 17 2017 - 12:36pm

Hi everyone! The March Pack Meeting has been rescheduled to next Friday, March 24th at 7pm in the Middle School auditorium. If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or your Den Leader.    -   Cubmaster Josh

March 17th Pack Meeting

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 6:42pm

Attention Pack 281 - Due to Dallas School District being closed on Friday March 17th we will not be able to have our Pack Meeting tomorrow night. We will work to reschedule it and as more information becomes available we will pass it along. If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or your Den Leader. Thank you!   -   Cubmaster Josh

Did we get some snow?

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 6:40am

Hi everyone! I hope you are all safe after this snowstorm. At this point the Pack Meeting is still Friday the 17th. If school is cancelled Friday we may have to reschedule the meeting. We will notify everyone if that happens. Remember that we are having the t-shirt/hoodie sale at the Pack Meeting as well as collecting money for the circus. Stay safe out there and pace yourself shoveling. If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact me.     -   Cubmaster Josh

Let's Think Summer

Posted on Mar 9 2017 - 12:19am

Hi everyone! As we get ready for another round of snow let's turn our thoughts to summer! We have dates for Summer Camp! Pack 281 will be at Acahela the week of July 9th for Adventure and Resident Camp. Adventure camp is 3 days while Resident camp is 5 days. If you start out with Adventure camp and have so much fun you want to stay for the rest of the week you can. You just pay the rest of the amount for Resident camp and you are good to go. Speaking of cost here are the details on cost: if you get your money to us in time to get the early bird discount (which is May) it is $350 for Resident camp for a Scout and $125 for an Adult for Resident camp. For Adventure camp it is $230 for a Scout and $80 for an Adult. We will be collecting money for camp at the April Pack Meeting which is the last time we get everyone together before Summer. Also if you want to just get a taste of camping at Acahela there is Parent and Pal Weekend which is August 12-13th and is $45 per person. Siblings are also welcome at the Parent and Pal Weekend. Reminder to bring your money and order form to the March Pack Meeting if you want t-shirts or hoodies. Circus money is due at the March Pack Meeting as well. I know that Friday June 2nd will be the Railriders Scout Night but I don't have further details yet. As soon as I get them I will get the word out. As always if you have any questions or concerns just let me know.    -    Cubmaster Josh

Summer in February!

Posted on Feb 23 2017 - 6:54am

Hi everyone! What a warm week! If you are interested in going on the DaVinci camp-in there is still time to sign-up but you need to act fast. If you contact myself or Mrs. Healey by Saturday we can get you in for this great opportunity. Also start thinking about the Irem Circus coming up April 17th. If you are interested in going you need to let myself or your Den Leader know by the March Pack meeting. It is $4 for adults and kids are free. This is a very affordable circus to go to and a great time out supporting a Valley tradition. Very soon Camp information will start coming out so keep an eye out for that. Enjoy the warm weather this week, I suspect winter is not done with us yet! If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact me.   -   Cubmaster Josh

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